Five steps to effective Goal setting

  1. Visualize your dreams 

Use your imagination and dream about your desires. This is an amazing technique to get you excited and clarify  what you really want.

Car salesmen, for example, know the importance of visualization, that’s why they sit you in a car in the showroom and tell you ‘imagine you are driving with the wind in your hair’, ‘picture you in this and everyone checking you out’, etc etc.

2. Make your goals specific

Ensure your goals are clearly stated so they leave no room for ambiguity.

Less effective: ‘Buy my car’

More effective: ‘Buy a VW Golf in Candy white with leather seats, personalised license plate with built-in navigation’ (If that’s your style of course.

3. Set Objectives to coincide with your goals

Objectives are the steps required to accomplish your goals.

These work a little like BBC Bitesize (The study aid for teens). By breaking down your main goal into smaller chunks it will appear less overwhelming and more achievable.

4. Assign target dates

Never leave your goals open. ‘Someday’ is not a day.

Always assign an achievable date to work toward.

Milestones also help as psychological motivation. It may be difficult to see the road ahead clearly, especially if the goal is large but if you can see just a few yards in front, you can achieve your goal in stages.

5. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals and milestones.

Most importantly. Practice self reward. Give yourself a treat when you’ve achieved your goal & milestone. This is another psychological tactic to keep you motivated and generally make you feel great- and who doesn’t want to feel great!