Ignorance is not Bliss- Current Affairs

When Creating the Optimal you, it is imperative not to be solely focused on your internal environment, you must also be knowledgeable about the external environment.

Current affairs WILL affect your life.

It is all too easy to disregard economics and politics as something that’s happening around you, but the reality is that, it’s not happening around you, it’s happening to you, so pay attention.

Subjects which at first glance appear to be completely unrelated to your life, will indirectly have a knock-on effect .

To be honest, I sympathize when I hear the groans of ‘I don’t understand this’, ‘It’s all political gobbledygook laced with alien jargon’. In fact, I not only, sympathize, I agree. This is done purposely to hide the truth and encapsulate us in a false reality of materialism and self-indulgence whilst we are hoodwinked, manipulated and controlled. No, this is not another one of those conspiracy theory articles, it’s popular knowledge.


Ye who are ‘In the Zone’ , owe it to yourselves to strive to eradicate ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss, it just allows others to take advantage of you.

In his book ‘Revolution’, Russell Brand aptly speaks out on the affairs of our current society, calling out the injustice that the major corporations, governments and entrusted head figures get away with. One of the major reasons they get away with screwing us over is because we don’t take action to fight back and that’s in part (a large part), because we don’t have the knowledge of what’s going on and how it affects us.

So get up on your Current affairs….

Check out Russell Brand’s Blog as he regularly decodes current affairs and disseminates some crucial knowledge for survival in this current society and economic climate.

Russell Brand’s Blog

We also suggest

  • Reading Quality newspapers daily (by Quality we mean with the most substance e.g. The Times / The Independent).
  • Reading Magazines  such as ‘Bloomberg Business week’
  • Alex Jones- Infowars www.infowars.com


Remember- you can’t always believe everything you read / see on TV. Please conduct as much research as possible mainstream and alternative.