7 Powerful tips to: INCREASE YOUR SALARY


1. Affect the Bottom Line

The survival of any business requires it’s income to be greater than it’s expenditures.

The goal behind every task you do should always be either to, generate more income or reduce expenditures.

How does helping my company in this manner increase my salary you ask?

Once you’ve done things to affect the bottom line, you are now an asset to the company. Document them and blow your horn- See tip 2- ‘Strategy Blow your Horn’.

2. Strategy Blow Your Horn

This is deemed a strategy because it requires a degree of planning.

From the moment you join the company, document all you do to affect the bottom line. This will give you content for your appraisal and justification for your salary increase & Bonus (if applicable).

The effectiveness of this process is increased when you can quantify your achievements e.g. I saved £4000 by distributing this document in pdf rather than printing them hard copy.

3. Be known

Someone took the time to interview you the person, not you, the CV. However, somewhere between that common question ‘Why should we hire you and not someone else?’ and you moving on to pastures new, the majority of us disappear.

Particularly in large organisations, it can be easy to disappear into the crowd of employees, only to become a number on the company’s balance sheet.

Go to company meetings and mingle with managers, directors and persons of influence.

Get involved with company culture and be seen as someone of influence.

Remember that, although your manager can influence your salary increase, it is likely that they do not hold the wallet so be seen by those that do.

4. Project Self-belief

Your perception of yourself is all others see. Since you are in the best position to know yourself, having been with yourself since you were born, any belief you project about yourself is generally accepted by others.

In-order for others to believe you are valuable, you must believe it first and act accordingly.

Speak up in meetings – because your opinions matter.

Be yourself and do not follow the crowd – because you are proud of who you are and have self-respect.

People put their trust and belief in those that are self-confident.People maintain their trust and belief in those that deliver results. Whilst Confidence will get you to the top, Knowledge, will keep you there. See tip 5- ‘Know your industry & Trade’.

5. Know your industry & Trade

The more you know, the more confident you are in your abilities and actions, and as we’ve mentioned, having that self-belief enables you to Blow that horn and so the link is self-evident.

Read relative books, read trade magazines, attend trade events, join a professional body.

6. Motivate others

Due to the high costs associated with hiring an employee, employers spend a considerable amount each year on employee retention.

Imagine if their liability (expenses spent on hiring you), could work for them and prevent them from loosing an employee and the expense of re-hiring.

Enter you, mr/ms team motivator. Imparting your knowledge freely, saving the company training costs, making others feel more capable and thus more valuable. What is a valuable person of influence like you worth to your company? Motivate, and add this to your appraisal.

7. Address your weaknesses

The more weaknesses you address, the more valuable you become. We all have weaknesses and the sooner you identify yours, the sooner you can do something about it.

Employers know we are human and therefore have weaknesses by nature, therefore, when in an interview, we are asked the question ‘tell me your greatest weakness’,  it is not to point out your flaws, it is to identify what measures you have put in place to prevent your weaknesses weakening your abilities to perform.

The key here is to firstly, identify the weakness, then eradicate it through knowledge/ experience or obtain resources that can address that weakness on your behalf, e.g. team members / mentors that have the knowledge / expertise you lack.


Happy Increasing!!




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