What could be better than creating the Optimal you?

Answer: Helping someone else to create the Optimal them.

3 Reasons why helping someone else is an indirect, yet extremely powerful way to self improvement.


That feeling you get

How do you feel when someone expresses their gratitude for all that you have helped them accomplish? You are overcome by a feeling of self-worth and your self-image is given a power boost. The fact that someone has taken your advice puts you in a position of respect, and feeling respected is just what the ego needs to embrace a state of confidence.


Practice makes perfect

Suppose someone asks you to show them how to fix their car. They haven’t the slightest idea where to start and you just happen to be a trained mechanic. Does helping someone else worsen or improve your skill? Using the proven theory of practice makes perfect, using your skills, for whatever purpose, most certainly will improve them. Therefore, it is undeniable that helping someone else will indirectly help yourself.


The theory of energy exchange and absorption.

It is a well known fact that energy is never lost, it is only converted from one form to another. The theory of energy exchange and absorption is very simple, your output is always absorbed elsewhere and you absorb the output of others. So, let’s use the car scenario above. As you output your knowledge and time, the other person inputs your knowledge and gains some extra time (time not spent on trying to fix their car); and what do you absorb? The other person expresses happiness. This is what you absorb, happiness, and that, is the gift of a worthwhile life.


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